Adore lenses

Adore lenses are made in Italy and are available in various colour intensities. The broad spectrum of colour, which even covers yellow and purple, offers an abundance of choice. Also, corrections are possible from +10.00 up to -16.00, which is great for people with extreme visual impairment. People with corneal curvature (astigmatism) will, unfortunately, have to say no to this particular brand.

The coloured contact lenses by Adore can be worn for three months with or without power.

21 colours from 3 collections are available:

7 colours in Bi-Tone (mix of two shades for a natural look)
7 colours in Tri-Tone (mix of three shades for a glamorous gaze)
4 colours in Dare (dark outer circle for an intensive glance)

A pack contains two lenses with the same power. For different dioptres of your eyes, you should order two packs.

ATTENTION: The coloured contact lenses appear differently depending on your eye- and skin colour!
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