Solotica lenses

Solotica lenses are from Brazil and are often worn by stars and beauty bloggers. These coloured contact lenses are characterised by their natural look and wearing comfort. People all over the world are crazy for Solotica coloured lenses. All the better that they are now available also in Switzerland.

You can wear the Solotica lenses with or without power for a whole year. People with corneal curvature (astigmatism) can also be happy, because various colours are also offered in Natural Colors TORIC and Hidrocor TORIC.

Solotica offers 43 colours in 4 collections:

Monthly lenses
7 colours in Solflex Natural Colors (similar to Natural Colors)

Yearly lenses
13 colours in Natural Colors (with a slight outer circle - light opacity)
13 colours in Hidrocor (without an outer circle - strong opacity)
10 colours in Hidrocharme (with a dark outer circle - medium opacity) only without power

A pack contains 2 coloured lenses with the same power. For different dioptres of your eyes, you can request to order different powers for your yearly lenses.

ATTENTION: The coloured contact lenses appear differently depending on your eye- and skin colour!
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